Easy and quick video and audio editing

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Trim and cut a video

Use a simple editor to trim or copy any part of your video.

Cut a song

Cut a song, split it or combine multiple tracks into one.

Voice recording

Voice recorder online. Record sounds from microphone for further editing.

Make a ringtone

Copy one part of a song or make a track collage for a ringtone.

Slow down / speed up a video

Change the speed of a video file or its certain part.

Slow down / speed up a song

Change the speed of an audio file or its certain part.

Download a song from a video

Extract a sound track from the picked up part into a separate audio file.

Remove sound from a video

Turn down the sound of the selected video part of the file.

Make a GIF from the video

Make a GIF from the selected video part.


Split video or audio files into parts.

How to use Vi-Editor?

Vi-Editor is easy to use.
In a few clicks, you will easily edit audio or video files.

  • 1Upload a file
    Upload a file
    Upload a file from your PC or YuoTube, or VK.
  • 2Edit
    Use a time bar for editing.
  • 3Download
    Download the edited file and share it with your friends.

Open editor


  • User-friendly interface
    User-friendly interface.

    A self-explanatory user interface will make your editing quick and easy.

  • Responsive design
    Responsive design.

    You can easily use the editor on both a PC and a laptop or a mobile device.

  • YouTube and VK files
    YouTube and VK files.

    Edit YouTube videos or music from the social media Vkontakte.

  • High running speed.
    High running speed.

    Quick downloading and uploading. High operation speed on mobile devices.


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